Tipping & Ratings: Before Round 1, 2020

Let's lead off with ratings. This is after the ratings were diminished by the off-season, but they are compared to what they would be if I was using last year's rating system with rating fall-off implemented. The main thing affecting ratings is the inclusion of more matches impacting them (31 instead of the previous 20), … Continue reading Tipping & Ratings: Before Round 1, 2020

Predictions (?): Before Round 1, 2020

This is weird. Welcome to the 2020 AFL season, where the matches don't exist and the fixture doesn't matter. The decision for each team to play 17 times has been made (seemingly against the players' wishes), and without an actual fixture I've had to make do. I made the following assumptions when building a fixture … Continue reading Predictions (?): Before Round 1, 2020

Predictions & Ratings: Before Finals Week 2, 2019

This week, Richmond were the clear winners. They jumped from 25% to 36% in premiership odds to be outright favourites by a decent margin. Collingwood also jumped from 10% to 21% after a somewhat surprising win over Geelong to put themselves in a good position to achieve back-to-back grand finals. For the losers of the … Continue reading Predictions & Ratings: Before Finals Week 2, 2019