Tipping: Pre-Round 1, 2016

edit: I fixed a problem with the Richmond-Carlton game, the margin has changed from 36 to 35 points.

Well, here we go. I expect (or more correctly, hope) that this will get more accurate as the year goes on.

Home Away Predicted result
Richmond Carlton Richmond (84%) by 35
Melbourne GWS Giants GWS Giants (76%) by 17
Gold Coast Essendon Gold Coast (64%) by 11
N Melbourne Adelaide Adelaide (54%) by 4
Sydney Collingwood Sydney (68%) by 19
W Bulldogs Fremantle W Bulldogs (57%) by 7
Port Adelaide St Kilda Port Adelaide (93%) by 54
West Coast Brisbane West Coast (91%) by 50
Geelong Hawthorn Hawthorn (68%) by 21

I actually have two ways of predicting games, but they are both based on the same data – meaning that it isn’t often that they predict vastly different results. The prediction method I am using here is more extreme with its predictions, which I like, but may not be the safest way of going about the first month or two of footy for the year.

Anyway, the other predicting method actually predicted that North Melbourne would beat Adelaide by 1 point. This is the only time I’ve seen so far that the two methods have predicted a different winner, so that will be something worth keeping an eye on.


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