Tipping: Pre-round 6

Another round of 5 50/50s. The biggest predicted win is West Coast over Collingwood, while 3 games are predicted to have 4-point margins. Home Away Venue Predicted result N Melbourne W Bulldogs ES W Bulldogs (57%) by 8 Melbourne St Kilda ES Melbourne (55%) by 4 Adelaide Fremantle AO Adelaide (70%) by 22 GWS Giants … Continue reading Tipping: Pre-round 6

Recap: Post-round 5, 2016

I'll be making these posts every 5 rounds, with an extra one at the end of the home-and-away season. Let's start off by looking at the prelimĀ final and premiership contenders based on the last 15 years of footy. Last year, I made this post towards the end of the season on Reddit, and the only … Continue reading Recap: Post-round 5, 2016