Tipping: Before Round 5, 2017

My summary of rounds 1 to 4 will have to be a few days late. I’ve just been a bit too busy to get around to it in a timely fashion.

5 close wins, 1 comfortable win and 3 convincing wins are predicted this week.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 3.59.49 PM

5 red games spells disaster this week. In the first 4 rounds, they have only been correctly predicted 4 out of 9 times. Weirdly enough, not one yellow game has been incorrectly tipped so far, despite there being 10 of them so far. I’m guessing it’s because these games are less likely to include teams that have been under-estimated or over-estimated by SPR3. Green games will always be unreliable this close to the start of the season, so a modest record of 9 out of 17 should increase as there becomes more 2017 information to work with.

Hawthorn vs. West Coast was actually predicted to be a draw after rounding the margin of 0.3 to 0 (if you haven’t seen me mention it before, I don’t believe draws can be accurately predicted as well as wins, so I give it to whoever has the slight edge by 1 point). Hawthorn had the extra 0.3 points, so they’ll be SPR3‘s slim favourite heading into the match.


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