Tipping: Before Round 15, 2017

Well, that looks like a difficult round to tip. Looking at tipping numbers, this is predicting 3 upsets; Sydney, North and Collingwood (although Sydney are only slim underdogs). All 3 seem like reasonable upsets to predict, Sydney/Melbourne should be close and it's easy to see Gold Coast or Hawthorn slipping up, but we'll find out.

Ladder Prediction: After Round 14, 2017

Quite a lot of movement in the top 9 this week. Adelaide, again, couldn't sustain their 100% chance of finals. That's more of a fault with my system though. Once a team has a 100% chance of making finals, it shouldn't move again. I'll work on it, I guess. Despite how close the season is … Continue reading Ladder Prediction: After Round 14, 2017