Tipping: After Round 19, 2017

So another round bites the dust, as does a round with poor tipping. I'd like to graph how my MAE has been this year, because while it seemed wildly inaccurate at the start of the season, it seems to have ironed out now. Unfortunately, my tipping target is well out of reach now, and I … Continue reading Tipping: After Round 19, 2017


Tipping: Before Round 19, 2017

This week, I began work on SPR4, a.k.a. the rating/prediction algorithm I'll be using in 2018. I've been looking a bit further into Pythagorean Projection and some Excel things, and I reckon some of the problems I've been having. However, the main aim is to take opposition strength into account, and that's going to require … Continue reading Tipping: Before Round 19, 2017

Tipping: Before Round 18, 2017

Uh, just pretend I posted this on Thursday. Just as a disclaimer, the Finals Impact Indicator is higher for matched that are key parts of determining the teams that play finals, not what position finals teams are going to be in. That's why Adelaide v Geelong has a tiny FII.