Tipping: Before Round 5, 2018

First things first. After some Twittering I have discovered a pretty major flaw with how the venue being played at is affecting the predicted outcome of a match. With this in mind, I am coming up with a solution. However, with a few busy weeks ahead of me, I might have to put that on … Continue reading Tipping: Before Round 5, 2018


Predictions: After Round 4, 2018

I'll start with the most obvious point; Richmond have rocketed to minor premiership favouritism after being 4th last week. Everything that needed to happen, happened. Sydney (1st last week) were unconvincing against the struggling Bulldogs, Adelaide (2nd) were slaughtered by Collingwood, Port (3rd) lost their match against Essendon and Richmond slaughtered Brisbane. Melbourne joined Adelaide … Continue reading Predictions: After Round 4, 2018