Tipping/Ratings: After Round 2, 2018


A fantastic long weekend of footy comes to a close, but one that has left tippers reeling. Luckily, the algorithm did tip one upset and got it correct, even if the margin wasn’t kind. Still, 4 tips isn’t a great look, and a MAE of 34.78 isn’t either.


While movement was limited to the middle of the table, the two teams that had the biggest decreases in rating was Sydney and Richmond. However, that is to be expected if the top 2 teams lose convincingly. The biggest movement was West Coast’s but only due to the across-zero quirk. The biggest movement that was not due to a quirk of the algorithm was North Melbourne’s, who had a huge win over St Kilda to help them up to 13th. They overtook the Bulldogs, who are looking more like their 2014 selves rather than their 2016 selves. The last thing worth mentioning was Adelaide’s retaking the Best Attack crown from Sydney. I believe Sydney only held it for a week.


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