Predictions: After Round 4, 2018


I’ll start with the most obvious point; Richmond have rocketed to minor premiership favouritism after being 4th last week. Everything that needed to happen, happened. Sydney (1st last week) were unconvincing against the struggling Bulldogs, Adelaide (2nd) were slaughtered by Collingwood, Port (3rd) lost their match against Essendon and Richmond slaughtered Brisbane.

Melbourne joined Adelaide in having their finals chances fall off a cliff, down 19% and 15% respectively. Capitalising on these losses were Hawthorn and West Coast, whose chances went up by 17% each.


Richmond’s perfect storm has also wreaked havoc on the premiership odds, with Richmond going up an absurd 21% and Adelaide going down 19%. GWS and West Coast also recovered a bit of percentage.

Honestly, it’s a bit weird seeing this much movement from a team in a single week. But considering it was a perfect storm and the overall variation was only slightly higher than usual, I’ll look past it.


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