Tipping: Before Round 7, 2018


And so ends a hellish week where certain pundits got out the “topic of the week” dartboard and landed the dart on “the game needs fixing”, just missing “bring up old controversy and reveal information we’ve been sitting on for a few weeks”. I understand thinking up stuff that could be changed in the game and considering what the outcomes of this would cause can be interesting, but please, the game doesn’t need “fixing”. Leave that to the coaches to develop a style that counters the current style employed by a lot of teams. And they will do it, because they always do.

As for tipping, Squiggle informs me that I’ve gone for 2 underdogs this week. Both of these are possibly due to the venue issue with the algorithm that I’ve identified and haven’t had the time to fix yet, since both underdogs are away teams playing interstate. I’ve predicted GWS to beat Geelong in Geelong, and Port to beat the Eagles in Perth. Geelong vs. GWS is a particularly interesting battle due to both teams missing about a third of their best 22 due to injuries. No real 50/50 games this week, though.


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