Tipping: Before Round 8, 2018


Ooh wee, this is a bit to unpack.

3 underdogs this week, which may be a quick sentence to getting 4 tips but I guess I should show a little faith. Unsurprisingly, all the upsets tipped are away teams. The first of the upsets tipped is Sydney over the Hawks. Now, knowing these two teams and where they currently stand, this should be a fantastic game. It’s Friday night, it’s at the MCG, both teams are in the top 8 and have the talent to push into the top 4. So even though Sydney is an underdog, they’re only slight underdogs.

Next on the list is West Coast. Yes, they have been good but are they beat-the-Giants-at-home good? GWS, although they’ve only played there once this year, have only been defeated at the Showgrounds once since the start of last year from 10 matches. That, and the last time these two teams played was finals last year where the Eagles seemed to bother GWS in the same way a fly bothers Aaron Sandilands. Working in West Coast’s favour is that they’ve turned a new leaf with a new style this year and GWS don’t look as good as they did last time.

The last upset is St Kilda against Fremantle. This is another close call, but I (and most of the footballing public) would’ve expected Fremantle to be given the edge due to their record at home over their first 4 games. Sure, maybe their 3 opponents in the Bulldogs, Essendon and Gold Coast are not a great barometer, but it’d be a stretch to suggest St Kilda is better than any of those teams. But who knows, any team can show up at any time, and maybe St Kilda will have a good style to counter Freo’s current gameplan. Or maybe just any style that allows them to play decent footy.


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