Tipping/Ratings: After Round 8, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 9.21.38 AM

7 tips eludes me again, but I’m happy with how my MAE is going and that I at least got 2 of the 3 underdog tips right.

I was at a Eurovision party for essentially the whole weekend so I didn’t get to watch much of the footy, but it struck me as interesting that 2 more players will likely get suspended for touching an umpire. It’s never been a common occurrence, due to the fact that in any sport with an umpire, you are not allowed to physically engage with them. So why are we going to have 3 suspensions for it in 2 rounds? Have we just never picked up on it before?

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 9.24.27 AM

Not much movement in the rankings, but I guess I’ll highlight 6 teams that moved.

  • Geelong: Back up to 4th after a low-scoring but comfortable win over Collingwood. They were certainly helped by Collingwood’s inaccuracy, but some of the credit has to go to Geelong’s defence as well. They were actually quite good at pushing their opposition away from the goal square for a lot of their scoring shots. Geelong overtook West Coast and GWS this week to move into 4th, and were the highest rated team to increase their rating.
  • GWS Giants: The GIANTS (as they want to be known) suffered a disappointing loss to West Coast. They went all the way to 6th after being overtaken by their opposition in the Eagles and Geelong. GWS are also the only team in my top 8 that aren’t in the current ladder’s top 8.
  • Melbourne: The Demons had the biggest rating increase of the week as their adjusted rating corrected itself after a huge win over Gold Coast. They are the only team not in my top 8 that are in the current ladder’s top 8, but they did move up to 9th.
  • Collingwood: The Magpies had the biggest rating decrease this week as they dropped to 10th. They struggled with Geelong’s defensive setup and also struggled to kick straight over the weekend, and dropped to 10th as a result.
  • Fremantle: They finally had something to smile about after a tough week off-field, and got a win over St Kilda in what I’ve been told is the worst game of the season thus far. They had the biggest rating increase that wasn’t due to an adjusted rating (Melbourne).
  • Gold Coast: The Suns slipped to 18th after a huge loss to Melbourne, and I’m pretty sure my algorithm hasn’t considered them the worst team in the AFL since 2012 or so. It’s a long road back for them.

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