Tipping: Before Round 9, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 4.29.04 PM.png

Hello and welcome to the weekly Stattraction Goes Over All The Tipped Underdogs With A Mix Of Misplaced Confidence And Stress post. Again, most of the underdog tips were correct last week, so I guess I shouldn’t be too stressed out. Or is that the misplaced confidence part of the post? There’s only 1 underdog this week, anyway.

GWS vs. North Melbourne is the contest worth going over, with the game so close that it’s a virtual 50/50 on Squiggle right now and my algorithm going for the upset tip of GWS. Coming in to this year, GWS were premiership favourites and North were wooden spoon favourites. Oh, how things change. North have been very good under some great coaching from Brad Scott. Ben Cunnington seems to have found another gear in the midfield, Ben Brown is finally hitting levels we knew he could hit, Ziebell is kicking plenty of goals and the key defence one-two punch of Tarrant and McDonald is proving formidable. Waite is North’s only key player under an injury cloud for this week, and even he’s replaceable if Mason Wood can keep up his good work. GWS, on the other hand, have played far below their potential and have been destroyed by injury. With de Boer, Deledio, Greene, Kelly, Scully and Williams missing this week and Davis a maybe, every club in the competition would give themselves a good chance of beating them. It’s in Tasmania too, which could add a bit of spice.

My algorithm has also predicted that the Carlton vs. Melbourne game could be a lot closer than most predict. It certainly doesn’t seem like that will be the case, but surely more than one upset will happen this week, right?


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