Tipping: Before Round 14, 2018

A pretty open-and-shut round, but I did pick the only upset picked by anyone on Squiggle this week. No-one has any faith in Melbourne except for my model, with their game against Port Adelaide occurring at a ground formerly nicknamed 'the Portress'. Melbourne have only beaten one top 8 team at the moment, North Melbourne, … Continue reading Tipping: Before Round 14, 2018


Predictions: After Round 13, 2018

This week had the smallest amount of movement for the year. Adelaide dropped from 22% to 8% and were the only team to have a significant drop in finals chances. Hawthorn and Port Adelaide gained decent ground, going from 52% to 72% and 71% to 83%, respectively. The finals are now a 10-horse race, with … Continue reading Predictions: After Round 13, 2018

Tipping: Before Round 12, 2018

Happy Friday! Unfortunately, I'm a bit bedridden at the moment so I'm not going to do much of a write-up this week. Brisbane and Fremantle are my underdog tips. Port v Richmond is interesting as bookie prices favour Port Adelaide at the minute, but every model on Squiggle is tipping a Richmond win.