Tipping: Before Round 13, 2018


No real upsets picked this week, but there are two tips I want to highlight.

Firstly, Fremantle. Carlton vs. Fremantle seems to be a 50/50 game, since it’s at the Docklands and Fremantle are a bit iffy away from home. Both teams have some incredibly talented midfielders in Cripps and Fyfe, and they have a lot of young talent around the ground. Carlton had a rough start to the year and are in 18th after 1 win in 11 games, but they have played away matches against Sydney and Geelong in recent weeks and held them to honourable losses, with Kade Simpson, Cripps and Lachie Plowman playing impressively. Fremantle, on the other hand, actually got a win last week against a capitulating Adelaide (if rumours are to be believed). Adam Cerra (18) and Brennan Cox (19) were among the best of ground.

The other game I wanted to highlight was Geelong vs. Richmond. The algorithm has completely committed to Richmond here, due to their record at the MCG. Most would expect the game to be a lot closer, but this is tipping a safe win for the Tigers.


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