Tipping/Ratings: After Round 15, 2018


0/1 (Hawthorn) on upsets and 4/8 on favourites, so not a great week for tipping. However, my MAE stayed strong and I’m fairly confident I’ll finally meet my season target of <30 for once. Also, I’ve just noticed that my printed MAE here is probably wrong so I’ll fix that up for next week.


A bit of movement this week, with Brisbane going up to 14th while also having the biggest increase of the week. Sydney had the biggest decrease and are now within striking distance of Collingwood and Geelong. Richmond have regained the title of best defence after several weeks behind Sydney and Geelong. Finally, Adelaide’s real rating has fallen into the negative and they have an adjusted rating for this week, despite getting a win over the weekend.

Melbourne also somehow moved up, but that is likely due to their attack still scoring a lot. Their defence will start to detract from their overall rating if they keep conceding large scores, though.


We’re now 60% of the way through the season, so I thought it was a good time to see who has been surprising and disappointing us recently. This shows how each team has gone in the last ~20% of the season (which works out to be rounds 10-15). Adelaide have completely dropped off from where they were, with Gold Coast almost declining half as much. Among the highest incliners are Collingwood, Melbourne and North, who all proved they were genuine finals contenders over the 6 weeks.


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