Tipping/Ratings: After Round 16, 2018


A great round, with only one incorrect tip and a great MAE. I thought I fixed my overall MAE this week, but it’s still significantly different to what Squiggle thinks my MAE is, 28.55. I wonder if I’ve accidentally entered some values wrong? That’s the issue with doing everything manually through a spreadsheet (by the way, if you were interested in my R coding, I’m making good progress and all things going well I’ll have most of it done by the end of the month).


The most interesting feature of this week’s rankings is that Melbourne, a team that most believe are not a true contender for the premiership anymore, have taken first place off of Richmond, the overwhelming premiership favourite. Richmond have had a much tougher draw, which likely contributes to this.

Adelaide are now finally in the negative after being comfortably beaten by Richmond, and their once great attack is now ranked 13th in the competition, and while their defence (which has of course suffered somewhat with Brodie Smith’s injury) was always sacrificed to make room for their high-scoring, it’s now actually better ranked than their attack and 11th in the competition.

Also, Brisbane are ranked 13th in the competition now and had the biggest increase of the week. They have a lot of room to make up to move up any more this year, but they might just make it if Adelaide don’t improve their record.


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