Tipping: Before Round 2, 2019

"2 upsets a week keeps the doctor... not away." I'm a little under the weather this week so I'll keep this brief. Collingwood could be seen as an upset but the market is so split that you could go either way. GWS is definitely seen as an upset, and West Coast would've been tipped the … Continue reading Tipping: Before Round 2, 2019

Tipping & Ratings: After Round 1, 2019

That was really exciting. I hate it. Round 1 was a deeply entertaining affair that meant it was very difficult to achieve the weekly targets. Given that it finished 2 tips better than the average bookie and both underdog tips (Geelong and Hawthorn) were correct, I'm happy. However, an MAE of 46 is a disappointing … Continue reading Tipping & Ratings: After Round 1, 2019

Tipping/Ratings: Before Round 1, 2019

Here we go again... Once again, Carlton and Richmond start the season with a tradition so traditional that it has happened 9 times in the last 20 years. Unsurprisingly, Richmond are overwhelming favourites across the board, as they are arguably the best team in the league against arguably the worst. Collingwood vs. Geelong, on the … Continue reading Tipping/Ratings: Before Round 1, 2019