Tipping: Before Round 15, 2019

A bit late, but here are this week's tips. This week's most interesting game is Hawthorn-West Coast. Most of the models had tipped Hawthorn despite West Coast being the punter's favourites. This can happen when there's a narrative of a team playing better during the week. Whether the Eagles are "back" or not is irrelevant, … Continue reading Tipping: Before Round 15, 2019

Tipping & Ratings: After Round 14, 2019

Whoops, I didn't post my tips before the round. Well, if you pay attention to Squiggle, you'd know that I didn't make any upset calls in this round just past. However, there were a lot of games that were predicted to be very close. Luckily, I got all of them right and lost on the … Continue reading Tipping & Ratings: After Round 14, 2019