Predictions & Ratings: Before Finals Week 2, 2019

This week, Richmond were the clear winners. They jumped from 25% to 36% in premiership odds to be outright favourites by a decent margin. Collingwood also jumped from 10% to 21% after a somewhat surprising win over Geelong to put themselves in a good position to achieve back-to-back grand finals. For the losers of the … Continue reading Predictions & Ratings: Before Finals Week 2, 2019

Predictions: Before Finals, 2019

With the home & away season done, I guess I'm left with 2 regular graphics. Firstly, here are the regular finals simulations. Geelong are back as slim premiership favourites after trailing Brisbane by 0.2% last week. Brisbane's loss to Richmond has proven to be a big difference, with Brisbane losing 4.7%. But the biggest losers … Continue reading Predictions: Before Finals, 2019