Predictions: After Round 21, 2018

Here is my last mean position ladder of the year. Melbourne dropped off from their odd positioning last week and Sydney went the opposite way to overtake them. Hawthorn are now among the top 4 and have all but locked up a finals position, after GWS were the third team to do so over the … Continue reading Predictions: After Round 21, 2018


Tipping/Ratings: After Round 21, 2018

A solid performance on the weekend, outperforming every other Squiggle tipper in terms of tips and =2nd in terms of MAE. It's a pity the flawless Saturday didn't continue into Sunday, but still a great performance. Richmond have begun to close in on Melbourne's top spot, while Essendon have also had a handy increase in … Continue reading Tipping/Ratings: After Round 21, 2018