Tipping: After Round 20, 2019

Some solid tipping. There were only 2 complete disasters, and they were fairly difficult to predict. A changing of the guard occurred this week, with Geelong kicked out of 1st for the first time this year. This is also, by far, the lowest rated 1st place team this year. This indicates the competition is very … Continue reading Tipping: After Round 20, 2019

Tipping: Before Round 20, 2019

No huge blockbusters this week, but there are some close games lined up that could determine a lot about how the ladder looks in a month's time. Adelaide vs. St Kilda is a big one. Adelaide have their fate in their own hands right now, so they need to convert these matches where they are … Continue reading Tipping: Before Round 20, 2019

Tipping & Ratings: After Round 19, 2019

A nice, solid round. In an effort to continue a long-running tradition, my MAE was much higher then it could've been. Jumping to their highest ratings of the season are Brisbane and Carlton. Falling to their lowest are Geelong, Essendon, Collingwood and Melbourne. The matches that generated the most movement were Carlton's upset win over … Continue reading Tipping & Ratings: After Round 19, 2019

Tipping: During Round 19, 2019

If you think about it for 2 milliseconds (and no longer), it's actually fine that I'm posting this halfway through the round. After all, AFLTables only updates after the rounds are over, so that means this update rate is still better than AFLTables' update rate.