Predictions: After Round 18, 2019

It's probably far too late in the season to start posting about these, especially when we already have a pretty distinct combination of 8 teams likely to play finals. Oh well, I'll just smother this post with other tables and graphs to make up for it. Here come the SWARMS. Even with just 5 weeks … Continue reading Predictions: After Round 18, 2019


Tipping & Ratings: After Round 18, 2019

I've changed how targets work for tipping this week. Now I'm aiming to beat the amount of favourites that win every week. I did this because a target of 70% is seemingly unachievable this year, and I needed to start getting a few 9/9s to hit it before the end of the year. Some years … Continue reading Tipping & Ratings: After Round 18, 2019