Predictions: After Round 11, 2018

Sorry for the late post. Juggling illness, exams and a Stardew Valley addiction can be a bit difficult. Unfortunately, I'm also at the point where it's obvious that my finals chances are probably way too reactionary. Essendon suddenly jumped to 5% last week and now they've dived back to 1% in a week. Adelaide's movement … Continue reading Predictions: After Round 11, 2018


Tipping/Ratings: After Round 11, 2018

Not a terrible week. Once again, I only hit one of my weekly targets, but it was a rare case of me only hitting the tipping target and not the MAE one due to the high average margin. Outside of my performance, though, it was a rather dull round. Hawthorn v Port Adelaide and Adelaide … Continue reading Tipping/Ratings: After Round 11, 2018